10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Sorority Woman (A Rebuttal)



** This article is a rebuttal to an article called “The Reasons Why You Never Want To Marry A Sorority Girl.” (In case you’d like to read it) Its intentions are not to offend non-affiliated women, but to vouch for the women that are. The chosen pictures of famous sorority women are not meant to represent their respective points either. They were chosen at random as I believe them to be influential and productive members of our society. This article is meant to be viewed light-heartedly. Thank you!

I get it — sorority girls sometimes get a bad rep from what the world outside of Greek perceives us to be like. I’m here to clear those stereotypes up. As a member of a Panhellenic organization, I can vouch for my sisters and the sorority members in my community by saying that we will not only make great wives one day, we will make exceptional ones.

Here’s why:

1. Sorority members are student leaders and hold themselves to a high academic standard.


Katie Couric — Delta Delta Delta

According to the fraternity and sorority national statistics, the all fraternity and sorority GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA. Any idea why? Sorority members must meet a certain GPA requirement in order to stay in their organization. We are encouraged to get involved on campus, join other organizations, get to know our professors and log our study hours in at the library. 85% of the student leaders on 730 campuses are members of Greek-letter organizations. Now you might be thinking: who cares? But when you’re looking for a potential wife, you’re going to really appreciate a woman that wants things for herself in life. Joining a sorority gives girls the confidence to be leaders in college and beyond.

2. Sorority members hold each other accountable.


Jennifer Garner — Pi Beta Phi

The stereotypes about all sorority girls being promiscuous and not so classy are galaxies far from being true. Maybe you’ve met a bad egg that totally skewed your judgment, but don’t let that one girl give you a bad view on all sorority members. As a whole, sorority girls are more well-behaved when drinking in public because they are representing not just themselves, but their entire organization. Observing the way a sorority woman behaves in a bar setting may surprise you. The sorority woman is not dancing on the bar or taking body shots. And no, she probably isn’t taking a fraternity guy home either. Her sorority house most likely doesn’t allow boys in the house past a certain time.

3. Sorority members are fully capable of taking care of themselves.


Condoleeza Rice — Alpha Chi Omega

The author of the article I wrote this in rebuttal to was under the impression that sorority women are not capable of cooking and cleaning because someone else does it all for them. For the most part, this probably isn’t true. At my sorority house, we have chores every Sunday that we are responsible for completing. We also have our own kitchen — but surprise, no chef! We are fully capable of whipping together a meal and watching a movie with our sisters while we’re at it. Cooking and bonding at the same time? Doesn’t that sound like a good evening with your future wife? I thought so. Sorority women are just as independent as the next woman when it comes to taking care of themselves.

4. We treat our little sisters like we would treat our own child.


Sheryl Crow — Kappa Alpha Theta

This may sound really silly to anyone who has never had a chance to be a big sister in a sorority, but it’s a really unique blessing. Having the responsibility of mentoring a new member through her collegiate years is no small task. Being the person that a younger member looks up to makes older members want to be even better themselves. It challenges them to hold themselves accountable for their actions, as they are directly influencing another human being. Sorority girls learn to be proper role models through this process. Wouldn’t you want to marry someone that others look up to?

5. Sorority women are philanthropic.


Sophia Bush — Kappa Kappa Gamma

As a member of Delta Delta Delta I have become attached to our philanthropic partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I can speak for all sorority women when I say that raising money and awareness for a cause is more fulfilling than  just about any experience college can give you. St. Jude becoming a part of my life has made me less selfish in all of my decisions. It’s pretty profound realizing that the annual philanthropy events we put on are helping children fight cancer. If you decide to marry a sorority woman, chances are she’ll be donating to her sorority’s cause for the rest of her life. Talk about a woman with a big heart!

6. Sororities teach girls the true value of friendship.


Carrie Underwood — Sigma Sigma Sigma

Friendship takes a whole new spin when you share the same ritual with other women. Sororities give women the chance to feel a part of a group of people that they relate to. And as much as I am similar to many of my sisters, I know our differences are what allows us to grow and learn from each other. Whoever you marry, I hope you want it to be to a woman who has a good group of girlfriends that she can still go out with on Friday nights while you play poker with your boys. A sorority girl will have her friendships with her sisters long after college, so you can still have a beer or two with your buddies.

7. Sorority women are confident.


Alicia Keys — Alpha Kappa Alpha

Because of the support they receive on a day-to-day basis from their sisters, they become strong, confident women by the time their collegiate years are over. A sorority woman’s sisters help her find out who she is, what she’s great at and where she is going in life. They push her to pursue her dreams and to accomplish anything she has her sights set on. Wouldn’t you like to be married to a woman who can hold her own and be able to pick out a rockstar outfit without needing your opinion? I thought so.

8. Sorority women know their morals and values.


Sue Grafton — Pi Beta Phi

Being a part of a sorority teaches girls fresh out of high school what it’s like to be a part of something bigger than themselves. It allows girls to connect with other girls who share the same morals and values as they do. As they go through their collegiate years, they become more in-tune with who they are, what they think and what they want out of life. I don’t know of too many people who would want to date a girl who doesn’t have opinions for herself. Sorority women learn how to speak their mind in an intelligent and respectful manner.

9. Sororities prepare women for their professional careers.


Leigh Anne Tuohy — Kappa Delta

So of course, college Greek life doesn’t last forever. But sorority life gives collegiate women the connections and professionalism they will need to join the workforce after graduating. Most sororities give their members a chance to have a mentor, an alumnae member who has a career in the same field she hopes to go into. Dressing for chapter meetings teaches members how they should dress for an interview. Holding a leadership position within a sorority teaches women how to effectively work with others and helps them work on skills such as public speaking, organization and event planning.

10. A sorority woman will put on one kick-ass wedding.


Erin Andrews — Zeta Tau Alpha

Along with all of your family and friends, your future wife’s sorority sisters will be there to celebrate your big day. Not only will they be able to show your Uncle Bill a good time on the dance floor, they will have memories upon memories to share during toasts. A sorority woman’s wedding is the result of years spent on Pinterest as well as hiring one of her sisters to be her event planner. Wine list? Check. Flowers? Check. DJ? Check. Don’t worry, she’s got it covered.

And if those 10 points didn’t sway your opinion, the pictures of influential women in our society who were sorority members should have. Still not convinced? My feelings aren’t hurt, but don’t forget this article when you continue to see sorority members becoming powerful public figures.


109 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Sorority Woman (A Rebuttal)

  1. NPHC Love

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but Alicia Keys is actually an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and did not join at the undergraduate or graduate level. Not that that makes her less of a sister to any of the members of the organization. However, your article seems to be based on the benefits of undergraduate membership and involvement in a sorority. Ms. Keys is wonderful, but not necessarily an appropriate example.

    Additionally, I appreciate your effort to include a member from the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Our council is often misrepresented and underrepresented so it’s great to see us included for once in an article about sorority women.

  2. Madi

    Well said. Being a sorority women is a lot of work and a completely rewarding experience at the same time. Sometimes people rather look at the negative representations out there instead of looking at some of the amazing women who are great leaders in our society.
    As a member of Delta Zeta, I find our chapter passing on the same set of values to our members and hope to shed some light on all of the great things Greek women have and can do.

    It was a pleasure reading your article. It was nice to be represented by someone who can put into words what a sorority women is on a true and meaningful level.

    Panhellenic Love

  3. Emily Greco

    I could not agree more with everything said in your article! As a newly initiated member of Alpha Delta Pi, I have seen myself grow tremendously in the past four months as a college student. I would do anything for my sisters because I know they’d do anything for me. I have developed a passion for our national philanthropy (Ronald McDonald House), and have gotten an insight on what it is like to truly “live” for someone. Our motto is “we live for each other”, and that definitely explains itself. I have a heart not only for my sisters, but also for all of the Greek organizations. Joining a sorority as a freshman in college was definitely one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

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